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About Sales Paradise™

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The #1 goal of this podcast, articles, and training, is to teach and empower you to crush your sales goals, and design the paradise of your dreams.


"The reason I decided to create Sales Paradise™, is that I’ve seen so many people that didn’t enjoy their career, or couldn't figure out how to take it to the next level. When you learn how to do Sales correctly and consistently, it will be Paradise."  -Chandler Barron


We all deserve better than just having a job. I've seen when sales reps make strategic changes, sometimes just minor changes, it affects their entire life.

Your employer, your family, your friends – they'll all benefit from you implementing things you learn– but this is for you. This is all about you creating your Sales Paradise.


Chandler Barron

Chandler Barron

Hi, I'm Chandler Barron and I'm your host here in Sales Paradise™.

Personally, I've been blessed to have over 25 years of sales, marketing, and business development success, as well as 15 years managing highly competitive sales pros.

I'm a Sales & Marketing leader, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and a regular contributor on LinkedIn. I love helping sales reps and companies increase sales while leaning out their process.

So, how did I get into Sales?

Well, wanting to earn enough money to buy an old car, move to Nashville, and then become a world famous singer/songwriter—I entered the world of Sales right after college. As it turned out, I soon realized I could earn more money in Sales that I could as a starving singer.

After cutting my teeth in a couple of different industries, the broad umbrella of healthcare sales came calling. I started in pharmaceuticals in the 1990s, was recruited to surgical sales, recruited to high-end hospital capital equipment, and then I was called on to create a national sales team from scratch.

As an entrepreneur, I published an upscale Business & Lifestyle magazine for physicians; managed a small Marketing firm, and the SaaS company I founded served non-profits throughout North America.

Additionally, I also try to be generous with my time and talents in the non-profit sector. I was a founding Board member and Marketing Chair for Best Buddies Tennessee. Also, I've consulted, and volunteered, for many other wonderful causes and events.

Most of all, I'm a husband and father to three amazing kids-

Well, I'm excited to go on this journey of learning with you. You'll notice more upcoming articles, content, and additional podcast episodes - where we teach, share tips and insights, from the top sales leaders in the world.

Thanks again for joining us in the journey to Sales Paradise.




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