Bob Burg, Be A Go-Giver – Don’t Break Any Of The 5 Laws – Episode 012

Bob Burg is a sought after speaker at leadership and sales conferences. He’s even shared the platform with a former US President. He’s sold over a million copies of his books and his book The Go-Giver which is an international best seller.

Key Points:

  • If you’ve matched the benefits with your products and services; and with their wants, needs, or desires; and if you’ve handled any potential concerns — when you ask for the order, you’re just asking them to do what they’ve already told you they want to do.
  • We talk about the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success
  • How far can you push a rope? Influence = Pull/Attraction
  • Quote: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” -Zig Ziglar

“That’s what selling as a Go-Giver is – everything about what you do is about bringing them exceptional value.” -Bob Burg

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