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Marcus Chan, How a Sales Rep can get promoted, Episode 031

On today’s episode, we talk to Marcus Chan, President/Founder of Venli Consulting Group. We’ll go over how to get promoted. Marcus has been promoted 10 times in 10 years with two Fortune 500 organizations that are #1 in their respective industries! If you do more than what you get paid to do right now, you’ll…

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Marsh Buice, Customers for life, Episode 029

Marsh Buice has been in the auto industry for 20 years. He has learned business and life lessons that build customers for life. Marsh is a dedicated leader. In this episode, there were no questions about car sales that were off the table, so yes, I went there. Marsh brings a fresh perspective on how…

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Alex Goldfayn, The 5 Minute Selling Method, Episode 028

Alex Goldfayn is a Wall Street Journal Best Selling author. On this episode we go over the techniques in his new book, 5 Minute Selling. Everybody knows that asking for the business will lead to more sales. And yet we don’t ask very much 90% of salespeople sell reactively The terrible impact of active selling…

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