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Donald Hatter Jr, 10 things great sales leaders don’t do – Episode 015

Donald is a bestselling author, a motivational speaker, and a sales and marketing professional with more than 20 years of relevant experience. He has developed partnerships with global brands such as Walmart, Shell Oil, American Airlines, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, Waste Management, Halliburton, Johnson & Johnson, and Visa. He also lends his expertise to innovative startups, mid-sized companies and regional organizations who seek him out for consulting, marketing leadership, training events and conferences.

“You Don’t Get in Life What You Want. You Get in Life What You Are.” -Les Brown

Resources Mentioned:

  • Charities Supported: United Way, Urban League, NAACP
  • Book Recommended: 10 Things Great Leaders Don’t Do

“Manage the perception of your value”

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