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Mark Garbelotto, How To Position Yourself As An Advisor – Episode 16

With 27 years of daily sales experience, and nine years running business and professional development training programs, author and entrepreneur, Mark Garbelotto is Australia’s premier business, leadership and sales training professional.

He is also founder and CEO of one Australia’s handful of dedicated professional leadership and business development institutes, the Australian Academy of Sales.

An interior designer by profession, Mark began his sales career with a lighting manufacturer in the middle of the early 1990’s recession. Learning sales techniques the hard way, he went on to run his own interior design and construction business, generating millions of dollars in sales over 13 years.

By October 2007, he had formed his own professional development business, Wealth Empowerment Institute, which became the Australian Academy of Sales (AAS) in 2011.

People by on emotions based on what you will do for them

Resources Mentioned:

  • Book recommended: He suggested listeners to read Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy
  • Charity suggestions: Surf Life Saving Australia, and White Line (Charity fighting homelessness for children in Australia)

Position yourself as a consultant or advisor, and price won’t matter as much

Best Way To Get In Touch With Mark:

  • LinkedIn – Mark Garbelotto

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