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Nigel Green, Fire Yourself – Episode 020

After leading a national sales team just three years after college, Nigel Green served as Vice President of Sales at Foundations Recovery Network. In three years there, he helped grow the business by 272%, from $94M to $350M. In 2016, he was the CEO at StoryBrand, where he honed his skills in strategic messaging and marketing. Along the way, he became an angel investor and business advisor. He’s invested in companies like Trim and SparkWorks Union, and he currently serves on the advisory board for Relode.

What is the best way for people to get in touch with you?

About, Chandler

Chandler Barron, is your host on the Sales Paradise podcast.

When not helping others increase sales, you can find Chandler with his family, or playing the acoustic guitar pretending to be cool.

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