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Alex Goldfayn, The 5 Minute Selling Method, Episode 028

Alex Goldfayn is a Wall Street Journal Best Selling author. On this episode we go over the techniques in his new book, 5 Minute Selling. Everybody knows that asking for the business will lead to more sales. And yet we don’t ask very much 90% of salespeople sell reactively The terrible impact of active selling…

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Daniel Disney, How to social sell on LinkedIn, Episode 027

Show Notes On this episode we’re talking with Daniel Disney from the United Kingdom. He is a LinkedIn and Social Selling Trainer, the founder of The Daily Sales, and the author of The Million Pound LinkedIn Message. You reap what you sow Daniel has placed his bets on social selling, and it’s paying off. He…

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Richard Moore, LinkedIn for networking, Episode 026

Richard Moore is Head of Growth for Entrepreneur Business Live, based in London serving globally. He is also the owner of R Moore Consulting where he works with Corporate Sales Teams. Richard is prolific in building online and offline communities. You can catch him in his many live Q&A’s as well as while he is…

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Lousin Mehrabi, Negotiate your life, Episode 025

Lousin Mehrabi is a professional negotiator based in Dubai, but works with companies worldwide. If you want to negotiate with a client, boss, hostage, or even your kids…you have to listen to this episode. Focus on the “need” instead of the “want” Non-profit Spotlight: ADN Kids Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy charities CureDuchenne

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Vinnie Saunders, Sales Rep Spotlight – Episode 024

Welcome to another Sales Rep Spotlight. Today we interview Vinnie Saunders. He is a Fitness Equipment rep for Matrix Fitness USA, working up in Metro New York. We’ll discuss the industry, products, and call points. Additionally, Vinnie shares how he entered into this industry, as well as what has helped him become successful. “I have…

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