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Skills Development in the Slower Times of the Year

Certain times of the year, like the summer slump or holiday travel time, may be the perfect opportunity to focus on skills development.

During the summer break or end of year holiday season, you may find it more challenging to reach decision-makers as many people use this time of year to go on vacations. Instead of over-scheduling yourself with the belief that some appointments will cancel, shift your attention to improving your sales skillset. Read on to discover the impact developing your skills can have on your sales performance.


The Impact of Skills Development on Your Bottom Line


Developing your skills can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Organizations that offer sales training experience growth in the number of sales representatives reaching quota and higher win rates too.


If your sales manager isn’t offering formal sales training, you may want to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself doesn’t have to be monetarily either. There are plenty of free educational sources available online if you’re willing to look for them. Blogs and podcasts are an ideal place to start.

5 Sales Blogs to Read


Blogs can be condensed and include valuable information in a short article, or they can be long and include many details about specific sales processes or ideologies. These are some of the sales blogs we recommend for skills development:


  1. Sales Hacker
  2. HubSpot Sales Blog
  3. Sales Gravy
  4. Sandler Training Blog
  5. The Sales Leader



5 Sales Podcasts to Add to Your Podcast Playlist


Busy salespeople can always find time to listen to a podcast. You can absorb a substantial amount of insights listening to podcasts on your commute to the office or on the way to an appointment. Here are a few of our favorites:


  1. Sales Paradise – Shameless plug!
  2. B2B Growth
  3. Accelerate!
  4. Sell or Die
  5. Selling With Social


Online sales training or coaching programs are another great way to grow as a salesperson.

Empower Yourself with Skills Development All Year Long


Don’t let skills development fall off of your radar when you’re in the throes of your fourth quarter push! Reading articles and listening to podcasts can easily be added to your daily routine, and they are great ways to develop your sales skills.


Recommended Listen: Catch Episode 21 featuring Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates for insights about Connecting with New Prospects.

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