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The Quick Guide to Selling with Social Media

Sales professionals who use social selling tactics outsell their peers not on social media by 78%. They also bring in 45% more sales opportunities and have a better chance of hitting their quotas according to an internal study by LinkedIn.


Social selling is the use of social media to identify quality prospects, build relationships, and make your sales goals. It should be part of your daily sales activities in the current tech-savvy business landscape.


In Episode 11 of the Sales Paradise podcast, Vengreso CEO Mario Martinez, Jr. shares the four cardinal attributes of the modern buyer.

Today’s customers are:

  1. Digitally Connected
  2. Mobile Attached
  3. Socially Engaged
  4. Video Hungry

He points out that social selling isn’t just for online marketers. Mario says when it comes to connecting with buyers, social selling is a way “to get into their inbox with something that’s going to resonate with them.” Continue reading for your quick guide to social selling.

Four Easy Steps to Social Selling


Starting with social selling, you want to identify the best platforms for your target market. Which social media platforms are your customers using? LinkedIn and Twitter are viable options for salespeople in the B2B space, but test to see what works for you and your specific industry.

  1. Complete your profiles. Ensure your website, phone number, and any other pertinent information is included. You can also incorporate key search terms to boost your likelihood of being found by prospects.
  2. Connect with customers. Find current and prospective customers and connect with them to remain top of mind.
  3. Share relevant content to establish your credibility. Create and curate content from credible sources to answer your prospects’ questions. Posting to the newsfeed increases your visibility and opens opportunities for conversations. Make a more significant impact by including video in your strategy.
  4. Engage with other users and listen. Scroll through your newsfeeds and review hashtag streams to answer questions where your expertise shines. You also may want to review relevant hashtags to see what your prospects are talking about and how you can help.

Tune into the Sales Paradise podcast and stay tuned for future blog posts to learn more tips for your sales success!

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